About Produce Magic

Produce Magic Software is Celebrating Our 31st Year!

Our Produce Industry software is fast, flexible and ready to use. Our passion is to create powerful yet easy to use understandable accounting and inventory control management software for the Fresh Produce Industry. Our Senior Programmers are consultants who understand Produce and their unique problems.  We give you numerous helpful tools to accomplish your needs, requirements, and beyond.  Produce Magic Software makes tracking inventory, profit and loss, and complying with government regulations easy.

Why Choose Us?

Over 31 Years of Produce Experience

Produce Magic Software is backed by 31 years of quality service in the produce industry. Produce Magic Software is the produce industry’s leading software provider and is committed to driving the growth and success of: growers, brokers, packer/shippers, repackers, importers/exporters, fresh cut, organics, distributors, food processors, coolers, consignments, food service, and all of their partners.

Produce, Warehouse, Inventory Tracking / Management

Our produce tracking software provides you with various bar coded labels, line integration, and the solutions necessary to generate date and time sensitive data in tracking perishables from “farm to the fork”.  As you increase your technology in software, in upgrading equipment such as scanners, wifi, cloud computing, there will be security in knowing Produce Magic Software adapts easily.

Key Team Players

All of our employees are from and understand the Perishables Industry.  You will not have to teach us a “learning curve”.  We have the skills, the tools, we only need to know your issues so that we may show you how those scenarios are answered in Produce Magic Software.  We do not act like a large corporation, we become part of YOUR Team!

Real Grit

Produce Magic Software’s Senior Programmers are consultant-level professionals well-versed in magic programming and in the needs of the demanding changes of the Produce Industry.  We have in-house programmers as well as an international staff at the ready as needed.  Technology is ever-changing, you can be assured as technology advances, we will be there.

Produce Magic Software

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