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“Much of what we sell has to be repacked specifically for that order. Produce Magic Software developed repack programs that track all the input costs, labor costs, and lets us add any number of additional payables. These programs allow us to do repacking for each specific sales line item right on the spot…Each repack is done specifically for that one line item and needs to have specific packaging and labels that are not used for other sales.”      - John Matiasevich, Pres. Veg-Land Inc., CA

“Produce Magic Software has been one of the best investments we have made. Most companies are hesitant about moving to a new produce software package and we are no exception to that, but for our company the program has paid for itself. Our salespeople have embraced the program and have increased their productivity. Before Produce Magic, we used to write down orders and didn’t get the orders entered into the computer until after they were shipped. Having all order information available while orders are being processed greatly reduces errors and problems. Also, before getting Produce Magic Software, tracking our inventory and sales was done in various database programs and spreadsheets, and that was a miserable job and very prone to errors because it was all input manually. Produce Magic has outstanding features and is much more powerful than any other package we have seen, but that is not the reason to get the package. The reason to get the package is that anything you want can be easily customized to give you exactly what you need. Our grower settlements are a perfect example. All of the tracking we need for grower accounting and those complicated reports are totally automatic, which saves us untold hours. I don’t think that could have been automated with any other package because it required very complicate and flexible calculations since many of the contracts have different terms. Our company is extremely concerned about keeping costs as low as possible and make sure that everything we do is cost effective. I can honestly say that all of the custom programming projects we have had done have been extremely cost effective. The staff are all very experienced in the produce industry and with their software, and their support is wonderful.”  – Gary Cooper, CFO, Dimetri Gardikas Produce Co., Inc., CA

“Purchasing Produce Magic Software was certainly one of the best decisions our company has made. We all know that an important key to the success of a modern produce company is a detailed, complete information system that can be easily modified to support our new strategies and business directions. We expect our company to remain in a continual state of growth to maintain our highly competitive position in the Southern California market. Produce Magic Software provides the technical support for this and still keep our labor costs down by automating many of the traditionally labor intensive processes. If you want what we believe to be the best produce automation software we have seen, you should definitely review Produce Magic. If you are thinking you cannot justify upgrading to Produce Magic Software because you have invested so much in your existing system, think again. If Produce Magic Software solves problems for you the way it has for us, it may pay for itself many times over.” – Todd Smayda-Shandler, Shapiro-Gilman-Shandler Distributors (S-G-S). Los Angeles, CA