Produce Magic Software handles Brokers’ needs with its:

Customer Fill Sales Orders.
Separate Purchase Orders are not required since all payables are created within the sales order.
The program allows any number of suppliers to fill the product for a Customer Fill Sales Order.
Lines can even be split between multiple suppliers for the same product code.
Confirmations can be printed, emailed or faxed to the suppliers either with or without the customer’s information.
Customers only see a quantity ordered and a quantity shipped on their passing, they do not see the supplier information.
All Profit and Loss information is available for each order online in Order Entry. Brokers know if they have made a profit before the order is complete.
Brokers can also use Produce Magic’s Memo Programs to link multiple purchases and sales together. This creates a virtual inventory that is sold ‘en route’ to customers. All of the payables are linked together for each Memo so all costs are allocated to the Memo Inventory.