Fresh Cut

Fresh Cut companies will appreciate the Bill of Materials programs as well as the Packout/Repacking programs.

The Bill of Materials programs allows Fresh Cut Processors to track their packaging inventory usage and costs. All labor associated with processing the finished product can be added into the total cost.

The user-defined cost codes are useful for tracking special costs associated with Fresh Cut or processing companies.

Since multiple products can be entered into a packout or repack, it is simple to create “Kits” such as salad mixes, vegetable mixes, and fruit mixes.

Processing companies such as ‘salsa makers’ (for example) can enter all the ingredients and the quantities. The output can include all the product and overhead costs associated with its production, including labor.

Product can be reworked any number of times and any number of WIP products and we still retain complete traceability.

Original lots for the bulk product is linked to the new finished products’ lots. This is important for food safety tracking.

We have INSTANT (backward and forward) recalls with the press of “one” button.