Product Codes for Produce and Bill of Materials

Product Codes And Descriptions Are Created From A Product Matrix

All product codes are created through our Product Matrix System.

The product matrix approach defines products logically, uniformly and accurately, which is needed for excellent reporting. In reports, product sales and purchases can be displayed in alphabetic order of the product code, so it is important that the product matrix (and product codes) are designed to display the products in the order they should be displayed on the screen, and printed in reports.

The layout of the product codes is very important for the reporting capability of the system. The product matrix and product codes use a hierarchical format and are always consistent and uniform. This makes it easy to get a report of all sales for Potatoes, or Russet Potatoes, or US #1 Russet Potatoes, or US #1 Russet Potato Cartons, or US #1 Russet Potato Cartons from 50 count to 80 count, etc. Obviously, the more detail, the better and more concise your reporting gets.

The purpose of the product matrix and uniform product codes is to get reports for any of the combinations. The 26 characters in the product code make it easy to define products exactly and accurately. Product Codes and Product Descriptions are created entirely from the Code and Description wording in each level of the Product Matrix. This makes all Product Codes and Product Descriptions very consistent and uniform and makes them very easy to change at any time.

Please remember that these are the codes running ‘behind’ Produce Magic Software. You can still have ‘short cuts’ (user-friendly abbreviations) that you use in your purchases, sales, etc.

The Twenty Six Character, Properly Designed Product Codes Provide Excellent Reporting

Our twenty-six character, highly organized Product Codes provide excellent reporting capabilities.

Produce people could never remember those long Product Codes, and even if they could, they do not have time to input all those characters. Produce Magic Software users never need to type more than a couple of characters to bring up a product code in our system. You can also use your own (or company-defined) short cut codes.

We have very good lookups in numerous ways, so you only enter a couple of keystrokes then zoom into the list starting with what you typed. We have excellent filters today to reduce your searching time. Then select the product you want. We have made sure to eliminate as many keystrokes as possible to help you get on with your business.

Short Product Abbreviations For Each Employee Provides The Best Of Both Worlds

Each user can also set up their own abbreviations for each of the product codes as stated before, which make it very easy to input products.

One employee might assign the abbreviation RAFT to the assigned Product Code, 26-character description of Idaho Russet Burbank Potato US #1 Size A Poly 10/5. In Order Entry, that employee would only type RAFT to bring up that Product. If that was a commonly used Product Code, the User Abbreviation RA might be used to make it even shorter. You decide.

The abbreviation RAFT might be selected, to mean: Russet, A size, Five pound, Ten per baler. Another employee might assign the abbreviation to RAFT, to Product Code for Red Delicious Apples, Washington Extra Fancy, Forty Two Pound, Tray Pack. These are examples, of course.

Net Weight, Gross Weight, Etc., Can Be Updated To Groups

Produce Magic Software provides excellent programs to update ‘similar’ data fields in Product Code records to a range of product codes, packaging types, etc.

For instance, you could update 42 pounds net, 44 pounds, etc. to twenty thousand Tray Pack Apple Product Codes all at once. This is done by selecting the entire range for Apple Product Codes, and selecting the packaging type for Apple Tray Packs.

Since information can be updated by the commodity and package type, a different Package Type should be chosen for each different type of product, so those similar fields can be updated all at the same time.

Options For Entering Product Codes In Line Items

Since our Produce Magic Software has been developed for both the first-time user and for heavy-users, the first 3 options are up front options for every employee. There are many other options for the heavier users or users that get to know the software better and need the additional information quickly:

1) The full Product Code can be entered in a new line, if it is known. In most cases the full product code will not be known. So,

2) A partial Product Code can be entered. Then pressing the Tab key displays the Product Code selection screen (starting with the closest match to the partial product code). As stated above, we also have filters available to shorten your search list. It is then simple to move the cursor (or arrow) to the desired line and press Enter to select it. A partial Product Code (etc) must be entered or the search without any filters start at the very first Product Code file and it would take a long time to find the correct Product Code.

3) Each employee can enter Product Code Abbreviations that can be different for each employee code. Employee Abbreviations can be entered in the Product Code look up screens by changing to Modify Mode. We would give a starting code best for the Employee Abbreviation codes so there is no confusion with other regular codes.

The product code can not be changed after leaving the line for the first time. This is done so a history of the line item can be maintained. Pressing a “hot key” on a line item will display the history for that line. That screen displays a line for each time the line was changed in any way. Older versions of our program allowed line items to be changed to different product codes and product codes with no quantity were deleted automatically after leaving the line item screen. That caused a lot of problems with accountability and knowing what happened on the order and who made the changes. Today if a line item is no longer needed, blank out the quantity so it will not print on customer documents. That line item will remain for internal purposes though. Everything in Produce Magic Software is permanenet information for an electronic “audit” trail. Every change is noted by the person who changed it, which computer, time and date stamped. It is listed chronologically and with each and every change created.  Accountability at its best.

Just a short note on Bill of Materials.  We take pride in how we set up the different databases needed for Produce Magic Software.  The product codes for produce and bill of materials are created with the same logic in the same hierarchical way, yet they are separate databases clearly identifiable and easily filtered so that no one has to run through hundreds if not many tens of thousands of codes. The logic dictates which database you are in for simple input.

Our customers’ employees, whether a new user or a power user, will be taught all of the flexibility of our features to see which way fits them best.