Multiple Language Options

The Same Information Can Be Seen And Edited In Multiple Languages

There are Produce Companies throughout the world that need a quality produce software in their own language.

It seems silly to expect these companies to use a software program only in the English language. That is like expecting people in the U.S. to use a Spanish or French produce software system. Very few people in U.S. Produce companies would be able to use a Spanish or French produce software program.

All of the display and input screens in Produce Magic Software can be copied and easily modified to display only the desired information and can be set up in the desired language as well.

Any language can be used that can be typed into the screens and is supported by Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and forward. This includes languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, etc. Any of the screens for particular programs can be set as the default screen for a specific user or group of users.

The product descriptions can also be displayed in a selected language for each user. The main product descriptions are setup in the Product Matrix in the company’s ‘main’ language. Product Descriptions for each of the product codes can be input for other languages.

In addition, each user can have a default language type that displays their language Product Description when it finds one for the particular Product Code. This requires product descriptions to be input in multiple languages. However, the functionality it provides outweighs the effort required to set it up. One user’s computer screens and product descriptions could be in English and the screens for the person next to him could be in Spanish or French, and so on.

A Produce Company with offices in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil, could have users all using English, French, Spanish and Portuguese to view the same information. All of the users could be working with the same Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Inventory Lots and all the same information, but each could view the information in a different language. As we already know, Spanish is as prevalent (or used more) than English in many produce companies in the United States.

The Spanish speaking population in the USA is growing very rapidly and Spanish is the second language in the U.S. In some produce areas in the United States, 95% of the people in the produce industry are much better at reading and writing Spanish than English. Amazingly, most software packages do not provide a solution for this challenge. There are many very skilled people working in the produce industry who are not fluent in English and may never be.

Many bilingual people are fluent at speaking English, but are not fluent at reading and writing in English. If people in produce companies who didn’t read and write Spanish fluently had to do everything in Spanish, they would not have much value to the company and the company would lose a great deal. The same is true for people with different languages, who can not read and write English fluently!

When a produce company’s software package only displays and prints in English, the company can lose a great deal from their employees who are not fluent at reading and writing English. Labor is very expensive and it is foolish to lose so much value from people who are not fluent in English. Many of these people could earn a lot more and make the company a lot more, if their screens and information was displayed and printed in their own language.

We copy the screens for our customers in a few seconds and give the company’s bilingual users access to those new screens so the wording can be changed to Spanish (or any other language). Once the screens are modified, they are saved and are ready to be used immediately.

Reports Can Be Printed In Multiple Languages

If the company purchases product from, or sells product to Mexico or French speaking regions of Canada, etc., those customers / vendors would greatly prefer their information be printed in their own language. Product could be purchased from vendors in Mexico who only spoke Spanish and shipped from a company in the US that only spoke English, to customers in Canada who only spoke French.

We provide the ability to print any document in the language of your choice. A little customization is needed to do that, but with assistance from a translator at the company, it can be done very cost effectively.

Creating reports for other languages is almost the same as creating additional display screens. There is a field in the Customer / Vendor record for the default language of that company. Pick lists, confirmations, purchase orders, invoices and bills of lading can be easily changed to other languages.

The product descriptions print in the language of choice for the user or customer or vendor. The titles and field descriptions and product code descriptions can be changed fairly easily on any report. Translation of simple reports could be done in a few minutes. Involved reports might take a number of hours to translate. If the company does not have anyone who is capable of making the language translations, we can provide someone to do that, which would be billed at normal programming rates.

The new program or programs would be added to the menus in the areas specified by the company. The original English report could be left on the menu or placed on a different menu if desired.