Welcome to Produce Magic Software!  We are Celebrating Our 30th Year!

Fresh produce tracking and accounting software: fast/flexible/ready-to-use from step “1″. Our Mission?  Creating powerfully simple, understandable software for the Produce Industry.  Our ‘niche’?  Rapid customizations of customer’s requests.  Our Senior Programmers are consultants who understand Produce.  Produce Magic makes tracking inventory, profit and loss, and complying with government regulations easy.

Industry Types Brokers, Canners, Consignments, Distributors, Exporters/Importers, Floral, Food Processing, Food Services, Freight Brokers, Fresh Cut, Grocery Store Chains, Growers, Herbs, Organics, Packers/Shippers, Repackers.

Fresh Solutions! Automatic and Promo Pricing, Barcodes (GPC Brick Table, GS1, GTIN, etc), Consignment, Cost Justification, Crop Accounting, Customer Credit History, EDI, Inspections, Instant forward/backward Recalls, Inventory Control, Product Codes and Bill of Materials, Time Clocks and Time Tracking, Tracking (by the pallet, kilo, pounds, split cases, eaches, etc), Tracking Purchases and Sales by the Load, Total Traceability.

Technical Support 365/24/7! 24 hour Emergency Support, Cost-effective Customizing (with IMMEDIATE launch) for any need, GTINS and Traceability, Multiple Language Options, Multiple Currency, Online Demos, Online Training/Reporting and Database Features, Senior Consultants, Senior Programmers. 

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