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What is Produce Magic Software?

Good question!   Produce Magic Software (offices in Arizona & California), strive to aid & service all in Fresh Produce and Perishables to have ALL the tools necessary for: the produce traceability initiative, PTI), real-time Inventory, Warehouse/Coolers, Shippers, Farms/Growers, Brokers, Packers, Repacking, Importers & or Exporters, Fresh Cut, Food Processors, etc.  Some of these tools are: EDI, GTIN bar-coding including Walmart's new standard, automatic Pricing, COOL, iTrade/TruCommerce, Inspections, One Button Forward & Backward Recalls, Shared costs of Commodities/Lots or costing down to a specific Line Item, thorough Profit and Loss Reporting, with much more. Our software, Produce Magic, is highly flexible and customizable. We've found over the last 33 years, there is not one company that does business the same way, so our software can follow yours.  For complete produce traceability, produce accounting, request a free live demo to see all of our capabilities!


Our Mission and Goals

Our Corporate Mission has been was and still is to create a powerfully simple, yet understandable Tracking with full Profit and Loss software for the Produce/Perishable Industry.  How have we done that?  We have spent the majority of Produce Magic Software's time with Research and Development along with customer service.  Our  extra ‘niche’ for produce traceability and produce accounting?  Rapid customizations for customer’s requests.  We have found over the years our customers have great ideas and additional requirements which we are happy to pass on in our software.  Our Senior Programmers and Senior Support & Training Managers are consultants who understand Produce and their issues.  Dr. Ronald (Ron) Jones heads up a great knowledgeable team of senior-level programmers with many more available when we have needs to “ramp up” for any period of time.  

Our personal goal is to help one further their business by growing, buying, selling, or moving goods and getting out of the "paper business" by being as seamless as one wishes, streamlined and with real-time information. As technology and regulations advance, we are there, for you.  If we, Produce Magic Software, can be of service to you, please let us know!  

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