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Produce Magic Software’s farms management programs are ideal for growing and growers operations. All costs associated with the growing operation can be tracked for a crop, a field, a section of a field, or even down to the row, if preferred. Overhead such as labor can also be tracked and allocated to the cost of product produced by the growing operation. Records of all actions for managing the growing operation can be maintained. These might include items such as irrigation, fertilizing, weeding, applications, etc. 

Growers - Settlements


 Produce Magic Software takes the 'work' out of doing Consignments and Liquidations.  Growers, Packers and Shippers are usually good at handling product and getting product ready for market, but in many cases, they are not effective at marketing and sales. It is often more cost-effective for these companies to “partner up” with another firm who is good at selling the product and has good customer contacts. In many cases, these growers, farms, packer and shipper companies can save a lot of money and have much better results by having another firm do their sales. With Produce Magic Software any Produce Company, any farms, including Brokers, can easily do the detailed tracking and reporting that is needed for Consignment Sales. Even if extensive repacking is done on the consignment product, the information that is needed is collected automatically as Sales Orders are entered and processed. Then it is just a matter of designing the reports that fit the needs of your specific consignment arrangement. For standard consignment arrangements, the built-in reports that include complete profit and loss information normally provides all the tracking and reporting that is needed. Produce Magic Software tracks 120 user defined cost totals in every sales line item, which makes it easy to design 'custom' Consignment Reports including detailed profit and loss information. Since all of the different Cost Types are tracked separately, it is relatively simple to apply formulas and calculations to certain cost totals to comply with special consignment accounting needs. Many of our customers have had us do extensive custom consignment accounting reports to make their unique consignment settlements totally automatic. Our customers tell us that these custom reports are very cost-effective because they save them a great deal of labor.  

An example of a typical report from our software company:  1) An Inventory Lot Summary shows the totals of all activity in each inventory lot, from each Purchase Order, for a range of dates and the “Paid Status” for each Lot. The total Gross Profit and Dollars to the Grower are included in the report. Inventory Lot Summaries can be viewed on the screen at any time.  2)  A report of all Inventory Lots from Purchase Orders in prior periods that are not settled yet.  3)  The total for all costs types on each inventory lot and a report showing the detail of all of those costs, so the cost totals could be verified.  4)  Reports showing all sales for each of the Inventory Lots in the Inventory Lot summaries above. This report is printed in the same order as the Inventory Lots, so it is simple to verify the Sales totals in the Inventory Lot summaries.  5)  Reports showing the Grower’s average sales totals and average Profit/Loss for each product code, each commodity and variety, and each commodity and the overall total. If desired, the average numbers for all of the Growers from the company for that period can be printed next to the Grower’s averages, if desired. That lets the Grower see how their product did as compared to other Growers in Produce Magic Software

Crop Management - Crop Accounting


Accounts payable costs can be allocated to any number of farms inventory lots. Overhead costs are allocated to farms or growers inventory lots based on each lot’s percentage of the total weight for that division. For audit trail purposes, each cost allocation is assigned its own transaction number that links it to its separate allocations. Action / activity records are tracked and stored for each farm inventory lot. Chemical, fertilizer and water applications (etc.) are tracked along with all required information. Hourly and piecework labor costs (minimums and incentives) can be tracked for each growing operation through our PC based time clocks. Input can be through bar code readers or directly through keyboards. Action records may be linked to the project and cost center codes in our time clock programs. Action types can be set up for specific crews, so that employees and wages can be tracked more accurately. Special purchase orders track what is produced by each crop, field, or growing block, or down to each row. Our farms management programs track all of the costs for a growing operation until the product reaches the warehouse.  Farm inventory lots are automatically linked to repacked inventory created from the bulk lot. The inventory lot links all costs, actions and notes together. An inventory lot may be defined as one entire commodity / variety crop, one field, or a portion of a field, etc.  If you have any 'new' ideas not already in our programs, our software company will customize what you need cost-efficiently, timely, and launched immediately when completed. No waiting.

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