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Fresh Cut

 Fresh Cut and other Food Processing companies will appreciate our Bill of Materials (BOM) programs as well as the Pack out/Repacking programs. The Bill of Materials programs allows Food Processors to track their packaging inventory usage and costs also. All labor associated with processing the finished product can be added into the total cost. The user-defined cost codes are useful for tracking special costs associated with Fresh Cut or Food Processing companies. Since multiple products can be entered into a pack out or repack, it is simple to create “kits” or "recipes" such as salad mixes, vegetable blends, fruit mixes, and the like. 

Food Processors

Food Processing companies such as 'Fresh Cut' (as an example) can enter all the ingredients and the quantities, its recipe, whether it is a small order or for the day's processing lines runs. The output can include all the product and overhead costs associated with its production, including labor, and BOM. Product can be reworked any number of times and with any number of WIP (work-in-progress) products and still retain complete traceability. Original lots for bulk product are linked to the new finished products’ lots, and all of their generations. Profit and Loss reports will reflect all costs and losses (as in wasted product) to the Food Processor. 

Recalls and Other Important Notes:

There is so much needed  for 'good' food safety tracking today.  Produce Magic Software has INSTANT (backward and forward) Recalls with the press of "one" button.  Backward means from the time your commodities enter your back door, coming into your inventory; and, forward means everything done (as in repacking or food processing) or changed in any way  PLUS this includes all sales, lost in inventory, lost in warehouse, and lost or damaged en route.

Any Number of Comments Can be Added To Purchases, Sales (and Memos).

Default comments can be created for each Vendor – Received From combination and for each Customer – Ship To combination and can be included automatically in Purchase Orders and Sales Orders along with any documents or pictures.  All of these notes or comments are an audit trail of all actions to these orders with a time/date stamp and who did the additional information or change.  They are chronological, can be added to, but cannot be removed.  For the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and other food safety measures (QA/QC, inspections) for all perishable industries such as fresh cut, and food processors, a good software company specializing in these industries is advisable.  We would like to be that software vendor.  Please contact us today.     -See below-

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