Our History - Our Family - Our Management Team

Dr. Ronald D. Jones, the CEO and developer of Produce Magic Software, was born in Provo, Utah, and grew up in Pocatello, Idaho. He grew up working in his early years (and through early college) with his father, a CPA in Idaho. He graduated from Brigham Young University first, then went to University of Nebraska and received his DDS. Ron began his post collegiate career as a Dentist and as a Lt. Commander in the Coast Guard. Finishing those obligations, his adventures took him far and wide.  (We call him, ahem, our Dr. 'Idaho' Jones). Ron became a Graduate Gemologist for his love of diamonds, stones and rocks which also took him on many dangerous trips to his diamond claims on the Gold Coast of Africa during that time.  At the same time he owned a large Dentistry with 8 dental offices in Boise, Idaho, but soon found the passion for computers and programming, the proverbial ‘like water to a duck’.  Still a young man, he bought a large chain of computer stores in Idaho in the late 1970's called Computer Concepts. For large Banking contracts, he and his team (all certified techs) put in large networks throughout the State. Through his earlier experience with his father, Dale, a CPA, and now with banking networks, Ron found a great need for fresh produce accounting and produce traceability software. Produce Magic Software (PM) started being developed in 1980.  By the early 1980's, the basic PM was created and then in place by 1983.  We incorporated in 1986 as Advanced Technology Marketing, Inc.  Produce Magic Software is our Brand, and as of January, we are in our 33rd year.   

Violet M. Kiss, Co-Owner, CFO and Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing and is Dr. Ronald D. Jones' wife.  She is a first-born American, born in Detroit of Hungarian parents, displaced aliens from WWII who were sponsored, became naturalized US citizens in Detroit.  Violet worked hard to learn the English language to enter 1st grade and became very proficient within the year. She learned, listened and worked along her father, a multi-degreed Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in their family-owned company, during and after college, and before venturing out on her own. Her career began right after college, Oakland University, at a large commercial bakery at the Produce Terminal in Detroit, named Farm Crest Bakeries, similar to today's Entenmann’s in its day. Violet was hired as their Senior Cost Accountant deeply involved in production and Bill of Materials costing and because of these, she took on with her own initiative to modernize and to computerize their entire Cost Department of 22 costing clerks. This took about 1.5 years back in the early 1970’s with the towering Honeywells. In those years of a woman having to blaze her own trail and for equal pay, Violet Kiss then started first a general Health and Life insurance agency for corporate benefits after being with The Equitable, now AXA, for 8 years, alongside a manufacturing representatives' company working with the Big 3 and Tier 1’s in Detroit with hand tools, power tools, their accessories and fasteners, all American made. She received steep education in warehousing, Kaizen, the Deming Cycle (PDCA), and Six Sigma black-belt in those early years. Aware of the changing OEM market and its subsidiaries, M&As, along with her new business as a discrete C-level headhunter in the 1990's, Violet moved west in 2000 and has been with Produce Magic Software ever since.   

Darla P. Tashima is our Senior Manager over Training and Support.  You will see her knowledge of the produce industry and Produce Magic Software when you speak with her on the phone and at the demos.  She came to us quite young in the late 1990's when her company and our customer at the time, The Green House, a large organic Herb company, moved out of California and as she did not want to move.  Darla was their Product Manager and helped us further develop our Bill of Materials (BOM) features early on with other additions over the years in our Research & Development Department.  After all of these years with our software, Darla is highly regarded as a consultant level manager and knows every part of our software and certainly understands produce and their issues. 


All of our senior employees know and are from the Produce/Perishable Industry so you do not have to pay us for a 'learning curve'.  We understand Perishables and their problems. You tell us the specific issue you are having, and we will show you how to take care of it in Produce Magic Software.  If you need customizing, we will quote you a flat rate and time period for the programming completion with immediate launch.  Since we do not use typical computer codes but instead use our programming language (Magic Software, a Microsoft Partner) which is an extremely powerful Rapid Development platform that lets us write programs in a fraction of the time it would take others to provide the same program in other languages. You then can be assured of the speed in our work and therefore, its cost-efficiency. The total time and speed of completion from start through error-checking is substantially less than typical computer languages.  We give you the new programs immediately, no waiting!