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Produce Magic Software handles Brokers’ needs with its: Customer Fill Sales Orders.
Separate Purchase Orders are not required since all Account Payables are created within the sales order.
The program allows any number of suppliers to fill the product for a Customer Fill Sales Order.
Lines can even be split between multiple suppliers for the same product code.
Confirmations can be printed, emailed or faxed to the suppliers either with or without the customer’s information.
Customers only see a quantity ordered and a quantity shipped on their passing, they do not see the supplier information.
All Profit and Loss information is available for each order online in Order Entry. Brokers know if they have made a profit before the order is complete.
Brokers can also use Produce Magic’s Memo Programs to link multiple purchases and sales together. This creates a virtual inventory that is sold ‘en route’ to customers. All of the payables are linked together for each Memo so all costs are allocated to the Memo Inventory. 

In-House Freight Broker


Produce Magic Software’s Memo Programs have detailed truck-brokering features. Shipping zones can be set up to help locate available trucks for a specific area. Specific types of equipment can be stored in the Freight Vendor files. Insurance carriers can also be stored in the freight vendor files. A renewal date can be stored to ‘flag’ users when insurance is due for renewal. Freight rates can be set up for To/From Destinations.  Non-freight brokers can use the programs to set up their own freight.  Our software company helps you create a profit center from your in-house freight brokering.   

Truck Dispatch Documents. The Truck Dispatch documents print each pick up and each delivery in order or date and time. Any number of notes and comments can be included for each pick up and each delivery. The Truck Dispatch documents show the weight for each line item instead of the cost. No costs or sales prices are included on the Truck Dispatch documents. Truck Dispatch documents can be printed for all orders, whether they are a Memo or not.  

Freight Vendor Documents. The Freight Vendor documents include all of the information on the Truck Dispatch Documents. Plus' it also includes all Accounts Payable information for that Vendor. As with the Truck Dispatch documents, the Freight Vendor document shows the weight for each line item instead of the cost. No costs or sales prices are included on the Freight Vendor documents, other than the Accounts Payable items for that one specific Vendor. 

Please look under the tab labelled "Truck Brokerage" for more.

Each Memo Truck Is A Rolling Warehouse With Rolling Inventory


Important items for Food Brokers:

Product can be purchased from any number of vendors and put on one truck and sent on its way to the desired market, before the product is sold. We call this “Rolling Inventory”. The truck is like a rolling warehouse and  product on the truck is the Inventory for that rolling warehouse for your Produce Brokers. During certain times of the year, products from specific market areas are in high demand, and product and trucks may be difficult (and costly) to obtain. For those types of markets, it is often better to purchase the product and book the trucks before any sales are made, then send the loads to a major market where there is high demand for those products. The product can be sold while the load is 'en route' to its market.  

Memos Link Purchases And Sales To One Truck, Ship, Contract, Etc.  Memos in Produce Magic Software are a very powerful way to link any number of Purchase Orders and Sales Orders to one Truck, one Ship, one Contract, one “Deal”, etc. Memos make it easy to see the total profit and loss for the Truck, Ship, Contract, “Deal”, etc.Memos typically link Sales Orders and or Purchase Orders to one Truck, but it could be used for any grouping purpose. Memos can be used for more than combining Purchase Order and Sales Orders. Memos are also an excellent way to link several Sales Orders together or to link several Purchase Orders together to share costs for one truck, one Ship, one Contract, one “Deal”, etc.  An Importer could use a Memo to link the Inventory Lots from one Ship together, so all of the purchases from that one Ship are tied to the sales for the Inventory Lots from that one Ship. This provides a simple way to see the total profit and loss for the entire Ship. Product for a Memo can be purchased from any number of vendors on any number of Purchase Orders. There could be thousands of Separate Purchase Orders from any number of vendors and thousands of Inventory Lots on one Memo, if the Memo was used to track an entire Ship or an entire Contract. Purchases can come before Sales Orders, or visa versa on Memos.  Our software company, Produce Magic Software, takes your ideas, simplifies them for great P&L and traceability.

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