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Inventory Management

For Produce Distributors, Produce Wholesalers, and all in Fresh Produce, Produce Magic Software’s inventory tracking is extremely important.  Accurate Inventory Control Is Almost Impossible Without Detailed Information. Many produce companies are disappointed with the inventory control information they get from their warehouse people. Management often tells us that their warehouse people are not capable of tracking inventory accurately. That may, or, may not, be true. We have people on our staff who are very experienced and very good with inventory control, but they could never provide good inventory information if their computer system did not provide the tools they need to do their jobs 'well'. Warehouse people need GOOD INFORMATION and GOOD TOOLS or there is no way to provide the inventory detail that is needed for the company.  Fresh produce companies expect their inventory management people to be able to give them accurate inventory information at ANY TIME. If the information they need is not available, that would be impossible. YOU CANNOT GET INFORMATION OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM IF THE NEEDED INFORMATION IS NOT BEING INPUT, STORED, AND INDEXED IN A WAY THAT ALLOWS "RAPID" RETRIEVAL. All inventory lots are tracked and linked to every sale for each lot. All costs, not just product costs, are tracked and allocated to lots so that true profit and loss can be determined. Summary reports can be printed for each purchase order and for each lot that shows what was received, shipped, repacked, processed, and/or lost. It also shows all of the costs that have been allocated to the order, line item, or lot. Profitability reports can be run for commodities (even down to any specific product code, ie: package type), suppliers, customers, buyers, date ranges and salespeople. 

Repacking Programs are also very useful for Distributors/Wholesalers. Inventory may need to be repacked into a different pack size or reworked to eliminate bad product. The repacked lot, each and every repack, is still linked back to the original lot and all of its costs as well, including time, labor and Bills of Material (BOM).  

Time Saving Features

Produce Magic Software automates repetitive functions and tasks, saving a great deal of time, therefore, money for fresh produce distributors and produce wholesalers. Sales and purchase orders are entered only once and are immediately available to everyone.  You can use one finger in a very easy and fast entry format for both sales and purchase orders alike (using default orders).  Using very few keystrokes makes sales and purchase order entry much faster to input than writing down on paper or other software. With similar default sales and purchase orders, only quantity needs to be entered. A minimum number of keystrokes are required, with instant on screen look-ups for data input. Data is updated continually, in real time, so accurate information is available at all times, for all users. Status of orders are also known at all times during the sales process. Summary screens display all orders in a certain status category along with color coding making it easy to spot any problems. The same screens have easy access to customer and vendor information. There are automatic emailing of documents such as confirmations, pick lists, bills of lading, invoices, etc. Online order notes make it easy to track problems and lets all users know what is happening.  Notes cannot be deleted, they can only be added to all with an audit trail of the username and time/dates. Routing programs allow deliveries to be consolidated and planned efficiently. Any of the programs and information can be limited to specific groups of authorized users, or individually. Produce Magic Software is feature-rich with flexible tools to help manage your produce business, such as:  automatic pricing, company-defined inspections, attaching any pictures and documents to sales, purchases, etc.  Reporting can be done in a myriad of ways: by commodity, variety, package-type, by salesperson, by vendor, by customer, by date ranges, etc.  Please request an online demo appointment today to see our capabilities.

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It is very difficult to enumerate all of the features along with the ones that are being added daily to Produce Magic Software in the last 33 years.  We believe reading our pages here will encourage you in the fresh produce & perishables industries to contact us so that we may discuss your needs, your concerns, and you can then learn all of the ways our Team may be able to help produce distributors, produce wholesalers like your company to become part of YOUR Team!