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Like exporters, importers benefit from Produce Magic Software’s Memo Programs. Shiploads or container loads of product can be tracked with all purchases and sales tied together. All shipping information and costs would be tracked and allocated whether by truck, sea,  rail, postal service, or air. On using EDI for Manifests, Orders, etc., please see our software company's sections on “EDI”. This would be a most useful tool in bringing in product automatically by Manifests (and other documents) into your leased warehouses such as coolers, ‘virtual’ or actual inventory. 


The Memo programs are very useful for companies that export product. The Memo allows all of the necessary shipping information to be tracked. The shipping costs are then allocated to all of the product on the purchases. The Memo programs also keep track to what markets product is being shipped to. Reports for each market could be run to see what markets are the most profitable. The use of the multi-language options in Produce Magic Software would be useful for sending confirmations, passings and invoices to other countries. Exporters may also have warehouses or coolers in other countries so the remote site solutions would solve that need very nicely. 

How We Can Best Help You in Memo Summaries

 Memo Summary Provides Detailed Information And Complete Profit And Loss for importers, exporters, and others in the trade.  Memos allow any number of purchases (pick ups) to be made to supply inventory for the Memo (truck, cargo, etc.) and any number of sales (drops) to be made from that Memo’s inventory. Each Sales Order line item or split line item uses an Inventory Lot. The sales lines get their product costs from the Inventory Lot used to fill that line. The Inventory Lots contain their share of the costs from the Memo such as freight, handling, etc., so very accurate, detailed profit and loss information is stored for each Sales Order line item and each split Sales Order line item. Sales Order line items can be split any number of times to allow any number of Inventory Lots to be used to fill the quantity. The printed Memo Summary shows all of the information about the purchases and sales for the Memo and prints the Sales Order line items and split line items showing where each of the Inventory Lots were used. The Purchase Order Line Items are listed in order of pickup date and pick up time and have a subtotal for each Vendor Purchase Order. The Sales Order Line Items are listed in order of delivery date and delivery time and have a subtotal for each Customer Sales Order. The Memo Summary also lists all of the Payables and Receivables for the Memo and shows the profit and loss on each sales order and the profit and loss on the entire memo. This format makes it easy to pay salespeople commissions on the Profit and Loss for the Memos. Payables and Receivables can also be verified from the Memo Summary. 

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